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Jimo textile enterprises Huamei Group, who also said that now almost double the price of cotton yarn and fabric , which means that the same capacity under the revolving fund to be doubled enterprises , financial costs will significantly increase the tax is doubled. louis vuitton ebay seller Art of the Hui , chairman Zhou Sheng believes that Chinese brands in marketing management and channel management is very weak , complete innovation and innovative marketing channels .Garment Industry Association official also said that in the past the kind of low-cost competition has ceased to exist.2011 , due to the appreciation of the renminbi , cotton and other raw material price volatility , the superposition of many unfavorable factors such as rising labor and energy costs , China s textile and garment enterprises honestly experience the arrival of high-cost era.Law of textile and apparel market is that when faced with inflation, people will compress consumer spending , which appear to have no market price situation , so manufacturers prices and lack of confidence .Phenomenon: cotton again "heard""Celebrate the eighth procurement C yarn , 1500-2000 yuan per ton has gone up .

louis vuitton fabric The worlds top five suppliers of apparel sourcing , including three in the Ying Kee Industrial procurement, OEM production peak output of up to 16-20 billion, up to tens of thousands of workers .Phenomenon: cotton again "heard""Celebrate the eighth procurement C yarn , 1500-2000 yuan per ton has gone up .Small and medium textile enterprises are also looking for a way out , the red Ni Group to minimize the use in the production of cotton , the soft silk fiber, hemp fiber Purcell , Modal fiber and high-end fabrics , such as multi-function expansion .Foshan training manager Zheng Zhao Bo said that last year the supply surplus material can help companies operate early this year , but in the long run, consumer prices will rise.

" It is reported that easy to buy three projects in cooperation with Greenland Group , which are located in the Fengxian District of Shanghai s " green Southbridge Street project " Luwan District Expo zone Project "greenfield Riverside business community" and Kunshan, Jiangsu Province , " 21 City green home green world projects," green groups were within three residential communities each with more than 20,000 square meters of living mall. louis vuitton cakes Over the years, Chinese apparel industry in terms of product development, fashion trends, or brand connotation , etc.The Forum noted that Chinas garment industry has entered a " high-cost era ," the key to China to create a brand new era in the development of the apparel industry .Also, due to the scarcity of the property , the current hypermarkets in Shanghai daily rent per square meter is much higher than the average capacity of 1.

"No matter what way , industrial upgrading is simply necessary to carry out structural adjustment , from simple processing to its own brand outside , independent research and change .Again this year, cotton prices rise up, and now the Shandong region lint priced at 31000-33000 yuan / ton , half a month s time rose by 30 %.Especially in small and medium downstream textile and garment enterprises , enormous pressure to make them this years sales prices generally pessimistic .China Textile Industry Association president Tiankai believes that tightening the external environment will form on the domestic market potential Forced to bring a new round of industry shuffling , clothing enterprises to upgrade is imminent. louis vuitton fake or LI Gui-lan said that the heads of state and now the Lord to do high value-added products , cost reduction ratio of cotton yarn .